Outcome-Focused Analytics

Magnifying Glass and Numbers

Conquer frustrations. Focus on the outcome.

Stop Monitoring, Start Analyzing

Today’s IT Operations teams use a bunch of tools to help them detect, monitor or track issues. Rarely do monitoring tools produce you with WHY something is happening or a solution to your problem! That is why monitoring is not enough.

IT Monitoring tools are like Christmas trees: they are pretty, have lots of green and red lights, and they serve a purpose for only a certain amount of time.

Christmas Tree

Analytics Produce Outcomes You Care About

  • Improved application availability
  • Getting your budget approved
  • A new application you rolled out is widely adopted
  • When you need more budget for dated equipment
  • The successful migration of an application into the cloud
  • Reduce the number of help desk tickets on a specific issue
  • When you implemented a video conferencing system successfully

Analytics for Solving Problems

No matter if you are trying to reduce the number of calls on a particular applications performance, or that your VoIP quality is degraded, or to improve the quality of your video conference system, RISC Networks analytics can help.

Checks and Analysis


SaaS Analysis Platform – Using our vendor-neutral analysis, our analytics platforms provides actionable results on your complete infrastructure in as little as 7 days.


Discover and Uncover – Once the analysis has completed, the RISC Networks platform provides a detailed list of the uncovered issues within your infrastructure in an easy-to-read list.


Comparative Analysis – Each item on the list can be selected and provides details on your organizations performance level and how your infrastructure compares to 4,000 other companies we have analyzed.



Problem-to-Solution Mapping – Unlike monitoring tools that present only problems, RISC Networks analytics present one or more solutions to each identified issues within your infrastructure.

Analytics for Project Planning

Whether you are planning to migrate to cloud, upgrade your UC system, or add robust video system on your network, RISC Networks analytics can provide you the data needed to effectively plan.

We appreciated RISC Networks’ analytics and providing the comprehensive and prioritized data we needed to help us achieve our solutions.

Jack Moore, Network Engineer, Luck Companies

Luck Companies

Analytics for IT Budgeting

Mission Critical Asset Replacement

Mission Critical Asset Replacements

Our asset analytics discover all of the assets in your infrastructure provides critical end-of-life information to help to determine equipment replacement needs.

Key Software Upgrades

Key Software Upgrades

Understanding what applications are running in your infrastructure is key to allocating personnel cost of administering and maintaining those applications.

New Projects Expenses

New Projects Expenses

Being able to test and simulate network performance before a capital project can help determine what equipment and infrastructure is needed to make the project a success.

Budget Justification

Budget Justification

Analytics can help you justify the equipment, applications, servers, cloud IaaS or other assets needed for future projects. Getting is your budget approved is a key to success in IT.

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

Failure to provide adequate resources for critical IT projects and solving problems are key to an organization’s long-term health. Understanding your critical projects and problems will help you budget both physical and human assets.

Why Actionable IT Analytics are Better

Why Monitoring Tools Come Up Short How RISC Networks Works
Monitoring tools are great if you want to know when a problem happens, such as a down link, router or server. If you have time to sift through all of the alerts, then monitoring tools are great.
RISC Networks analytics are outcome-focused, letting you focus on solving the right problems, not alerting you to every problem. You need meaningful data on your issues, not a Christmas tree of alerts.
Focused on Obstacles
Instead of focusing on your goals, projects and planning, monitoring tools focus on the obstacles and barriers to accomplish your tasks. With monitoring tools, you have to cobble things together to get a result.
RISC Networks analytics are actionable; they focus on results and goals. Whether you are trying to budget, reduce helpdesk tickets or planning a cloud IaaS migration, analytics helps achieve that outcome.
Outages & Availability
Every monitoring tool offers availability, uptime, utilization, alerts, top talkers, network faults and bandwidth utilization. In many cases, outages are caused by issues within your infrastructure. Doesn’t it make sense to uncover that problem before you have an outage?
Maps Solutions to Problems
RISC Networks analytics’ are not a monitoring tool – it uncovers problems and maps solutions to your issues. You get the right information for troubleshooting and to help you prioritize infrastructure issues based on the impact they have on your business.

RISC Networks Actionable Analytics Products

Whether you use IT HealthCheck or CloudScape, our products help you take action.

IT HealthCheck

IT HealthCheck is a turn-key, software-as-a-service (SaaS) IT operations analytics platform that helps significantly improve the efficiency, agility and resiliency of your IT infrastructure through actionable insights.


The industry’s first SaaS delivered full cloud readiness analytics platform that includes asset and performance analysis, benchmarking, cloud I/O workloads, cloud sizing, and costing for cloud migration projects.

Software as a Service

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