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Why We Do What We Do

Our vision is to unlock business potential by delivering more meaningful data analysis; information that helps guide IT leaders in solving their problems, tools and programs that help prepare for change and to take immediate action.

Our Mission

RISC Networks mission is to improve the performance of our partners and customers businesses and make a difference in their lives by developing technology and research that supports an actionable approach and perspective for their IT business.

Our Core Values

Our success is dependent on our partners and customers’ success. With the goal of simplifying their daily activities and producing the outcome they expect from their IT solutions. We will do this by creating unique innovations and providing transparency in everything we do.

Partner & Customer Success

The most important thing we can do is help our partners and customers succeed. Help them identify where to act, what the best options are and how to track the impact of those actions.


We believe it is infinitely more challenging to be simple, yet everything we do will be done with simplicity in mind. Everyone else does complex really well!


Our ability to create new technologies that operationalize unique perspectives has the potential of changing the world around us, while solving difficult problems for our customers.


It is our goal to be a leading voice and example in the information technology industry by providing transparency in every interaction with our employees, partners and customers.

What We Do

IT leaders face tremendous challenges today, higher expectations to deliver on strategic business initiatives, while keeping up with constant technological innovation and transformation. They’re looking for new ways of solving problems faster with more efficiency and to help plan new projects and to deliver new technologies into their organizations more effectively and with the least amount of impact on the business and their customers.

RISC Networks stands apart from other vendors with an industry leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered, comprehensive IT Operations Analytics (ITIOA) platform that enables IT leaders to transform their businesses with more relevant information with the least amount of effort. RISC Networks analytics encompass three key areas:

Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Migration Analysis – Gives IT organizations greater visibility, flexibility and control over the cloud lifecycle planning process, while significantly increasing the success of workload migrations.

Cloud IaaS Landscape Analysis – Automates the identification and analysis of IT infrastructure readiness for cloud migration and transformation. By collecting IT infrastructure inventory and performance data helps IT leaders to properly scale, price, and compare the best cloud providers for their actual workload performance and usage.

IT Infrastructure Assessment and Analysis – Helps IT leaders improve the efficiency, agility, and resiliency of their IT infrastructure through a comprehensive assessment of network, server and unified communication components

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