Workload Migration Intelligence

The lack of proper workload migration planning is one of the six most common reasons for cloud IaaS failures. RISC Networks CloudScape helps IT organizations with four key benefits of the cloud migration process:

  • Performance Modeling: Helps IT teams improve workload modeling using physical and virtual server performance
  • Global IT Infrastructure Knowledge: Delivers complete network traffic profiles between dependent workloads in your existing network infrastructure
  • Actionable Dependency Planning: Advanced application dependency visualization with protocol density. Clearly see the impact of moving a specific workload to the cloud
  • Cloud Network Impact Analysis: Understand the potential impact on the network before moving a workload. Use your data for effective network capacity planning

  • Improve Workload Migration Success

    • Asset and Performance Analysis: See your IT infrastructure assets and current performance levels
    • IT Benchmarking: Establish a baseline for your IT Infrastructure before moving to cloud
    • Cloud I/O Workload Analysis: Predict what IaaS components you truly need. Stop making assumptions when planning workload capacity
    • Cloud Solution Pricing: Compare your workload usage profiles. Proactively design the most cost effective pricing for your selected cloud provider

    Compare workload usage using many variables

    The Network and the Cloud

    Many organizations face the challenge of understanding how the WAN and bandwidth play a role in the success of the cloud migration. It is not enough to simply use a socket based dependency mapping tool to move workloads to the cloud.

    Don’t Let Migrations Get Out of Control

    • Dependent Workload Relationship: CloudScape offers the ability to see all servers and their dependent relationships in one view
    • Infrastructure Insight: Allows IT managers to get insights into what network requirements will be once the business moves a server (or group of servers)
    • Application and Server Communication: Provides valuable network communication information and automatically builds maps of server communications

    Purpose Built for Cloud Migrations

    IT teams can miscalculate or simply do not know what network capacity they need for the workload moves or the necessary capacity to run the applications in the cloud. CloudScape offers analysis on these very items, taking the guess out of the guess work.

    • Improved Infrastructure View provides a complete picture of dependencies with full performance profile between dependent workloads
    • Lower Network Risk by understanding the potential impact on the network if you move a workload or group
    • Build Capacity by Location with more accurate analysis of dependent server traffic across multiple locations. This allows IT teams to buy and build the right network capacity needed on a location by location basis.

    communication density, detailed views, and dependent server and communication protocol

    No Migration Plan? No Problem!

    The lack of a migration plan when moving to cloud is one of the top 6 reasons for migration failures. Most IT organizations want an easy way to identify all dependent workloads, then build server groups targeted for migration.

    Most capacity planning tools are designed on what you have, not what you actually need. You need a better way to determine proper network and workload needs.

    Constructing and moving workloads is a complex process, CloudScape makes this process easier!

    workload migration plan

    Easy Move Group Construction

    • Faster Move Group Planning: Allows fast assignment of dependent workloads into move groups
    • Performance Validation: Actively simulate workloads prior to the migration to ensure the network connectivity, and cloud environment can support the workload move
    • Leading Workload Migration Integration: Point-and-Click workload migration integration with companies like RiverMeadow migration platform reduce the complexity even further.

    Assign all associated servers to a single move plan for fast exports

    Bigger does not mean better!

    CloudScape has been compared to those big CMDB platforms, service desk platforms and other products that offer dependency mapping capabilities. Once you see CloudScape in action, you will see why there is no comparison.

    • Automated mapping
    • Build Move Groups
    • Location Identification
    • See EVERYTHING…..
    • Identify Network Requirements
    • Data Center I/O Stacking
    • Application Usage Profiles
    • Use for WAN Studies
    • Pre-Move Data Simulation
    • Purpose built for Cloud

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