Compare Dozens of Cloud Providers Side-by-Side

If you are unsure of what cloud provider you should move to, we help you element the pricing aspect of the decision making process. There are plenty of “plan for cloud” or “cloud cost calculators” out there, but the reality is that those tools are based on assumptions, garbage in/garbage out! CloudScape gives you a data driven calculation that allows you to compare multiple cloud vendors side-by-side.

Cloud Providers

Getting to Cloud Without Breaking the Bank

Some IT organizations are reluctant to move to the cloud as they are worried about the potential cost associated to migrating applications into the cloud. RISC Networks CloudScape can help IT teams with cost effective options and by taking a different view of cloud pricing.

  • Accurate Cost Planning: Cloud cost analysis based on your organizations actual workload performance
  • Optimized Cost Analysis: Compare the cost of what you have vs. what your actual workload usage is, save an average of 66% on cloud just by looking at things from a different perspective
  • Analyze for Cloud or Data Center: Stack your physical and virtual workload I/O using a variety of measurements, build a profile that fits your actual usage

see the difference

Optimized Workload Pricing

When most IT organizations move to cloud, they typically design their cloud environment to match their physical on premise environment, kind of an apples-to-apples approach. This approach is the most expensive approach when moving to cloud. Companies can save tens to hundreds of thousands on their cloud deployment by simply shifting their perspective to a usage based pricing model.

Usage Based Pricing Model

  • Use your existing server performance (CPU, Memory, Storage, Network) to buy cloud workloads
  • Calculates actual usage, not inventory (not what you have but what you use)
  • See the difference between what you would pay using an inventory model vs. usage based model

Why CloudScape’s Pricing Analysis is Different?

Most cloud pricing calculators are either assumption based, meaning you have to collect information about your workloads and make assumptions in order for the tool to work or it requires an agent on every server to collect data. RISC Networks CloudScape is entirely agentless collections and analysis, which saves time and manpower when doing cloud readiness assessments.

CloudScape gives you the option to compare pricing across dozens of cloud providers including every Amazon Web Service region as well as doing I/O Stacking for private and hybrid cloud environments. No other product on the market does that in one interface!

Nothing Like It!

  • Agentless architecture, saves you time, money and resources
  • Ability to compare dozens of cloud providers side-by-side
  • Entirely data centered pricing, no assumptions or spreadsheets needed
  • Use CPU, Memory, Network Utilization to optimize your pricing model

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